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Begin: 26 maart 2020
Einde: 26 maart 2020
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Strokar Inside

Chaussée de Waterloo 569
1050 Brussels


Ignaas Devisch

Professor in (Medical) Philosophy & Ethics
Ignaas Devisch

Frederik Anseel

Occupational Psychology Professor
King College London
Frederik Anseel
  • Frederik Anseel
    You might be an expert in finance, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you know what makes people tick.

    Frederik Anseel is a professor in occupational psychology and Vice Dean at King College Business School in London.
    He has been studying leadership for years and often shares what he's learned in De Tijd.

    He will share with us some of the major leadership insights that he gained through research throughout the world. Not in an academic way, but in a human way.
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Sophie Montagne

World Record Holder for Ice Maidens
Sophie Montagne


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