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In today’s world, leadership is crucial across various domains like business, politics, education, and community. However, our traditional view of leadership, often tied to self-confidence and charisma in hierarchical roles, is too narrow. Research shows that traits like extraversion and self-confidence do not always lead to better outcomes. We need a new approach: encouraging everyone to see themselves as leaders, fostering self-awareness, collaboration, and supportive environments.

We are all leaders.
We lead our lives. We may lead teams. At minimum we lead our own 1 person team.
We learn about leadership. As kids, as young adults, as parents. Through hardships.
We learn about leadership when working for a truly inspiring leader.
We learn about leadership also when working for micro-managers, or other “less inspiring” leaders.

Where are you on your own leadership journey ? 

Embark with us to empower the leader within yourself. 

Come and listen to the keynote of Karen Wouters on Alternative Leadership Models. Be inspired by Karen De Sousa PesseHanan ChalloukiSimone Susskind and Piet Van de Velde as they embody constant learning, inclusivity, courage and humility. 

Do you want to know more about the speakers? Discover their personal journey in the speakers section. 

Dare to explore alternative leadership paths.


Start: 28 May 2024
End: 15 July 2024
Wo•Men in Finance Belgium

AXA Belgium

Troonplein - Place du Trône 1
1000 Brussels

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