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Inclusive Panels : experience sharing

27 November 2023

14:00 - 17:00

Registrations are closed

🎉 Join us for a Fascinating Event: "Inclusive Panels: Experience Sharing!" 🌟

Ever wondered how to transform your panel discussions into dynamic, diverse, and engaging experiences? Look no further! Dive into the insightful journey of making panels more inclusive and captivating.

At our event, "Inclusive Panels: Experience Sharing," we bring you a wealth of experiences and knowledge from institutions and speakers who signed the Inclusive Panels charter two years ago. They will share their transformative journey - what changes they made, what worked wonders, and the challenges that still lie ahead. Panellists will also share their own experience of representation.

🌈 Discover the keys to bring a better balance of genders, generations and backgrounds in panel discussions, enriching the tapestry of ideas and perspectives. This event is a must-attend for organisations seeking to organise events that would resonate for all attendees.

Be part of this engaging conversation that promises to spark creativity and innovation in event planning. Mark your calendars and secure your spot now! Together, let's make panels more than just discussions - let's make them experiences! 🚀


Start: 27 November 2023
End: 27 November 2023
Inclusive Panels


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